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    Gaskets and seals the same between 900 and 1050?

    I know the motors are supposed to be the same except for the jugs and pistons, but are all the gaskets and seals the same?

    From what I remember, my 900 has a 1050 bottom end with the 900 jugs on top....due to a previously spun crank bearing that tore up the crank and cases.

    I'm replacing the crank again and need to pick up a gasket kit. I've noticed that on Ebay there's a $30+ difference between the 900 and 1050 kits....which I would have thought are identical.

    What say ye? Can I use the 900 kit and save 30 bucks?

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    I'm told the 900 intake is also different.

    If that is right, the only gaskets/seals that would be the same would be the exhaust gaskets, crank seals, and not sure about the cylinder base gaskets.

    So you might save $30, but then have to buy individual intake gaskets for the 900.

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    But doesn't the intake connect to the jugs? I'm using 900 jugs...

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    I'm pretty sure the only difference is the cylinder head o-rings

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    i bet caseys right,dome o-rings would probably be different

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    I'm going to delete these posts as they are off topic but they will be kept if you guys need them for later reference.

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    Back on topic....

    New crank showed up today. I'm hoping the gasket set shows up tomorrow so I can put 'er back together over the weekend. I ordered the 900 set as I'm pretty confident that's what I'll need.

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