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    New STX-15F owner, couple of questions

    Just hit 10 hours on my new 09 STX-15F and I LOVE IT!!! This thing is an absolute blast, and really is much more than an entry level ski (even though the price is entry level). Plenty fast, will corner like crazy, and is great at wake jumping.

    However, I do have a few questions for the other 15F owners out there:
    1) I ride on a lake, and when it's calm I can ride wherever I want on the seat. However, when there is chop, it seems that the best position for riding by myself is pushed back as far as possible. For me (5'10") this is almost to the 3rd seat, literally with my butt sitting right on the hump of the main seat where the 3rd seat joins. Is this normal? Anybody else got any feedback on the riding position/style?
    2) Any suggestions on the handlebar grips? They are literally just about to give me a blister on my right hand. Can they be removed and replaced with something like gel grips? Or should I just buy some gloves?
    3) I know it says it has like a 15 gallon tank, but I have yet to be able to get anywhere close to that much fuel in it. Unless it's holding a lot more than the 4 gallons it says in the manual for the last bar, the most I've been able to get into it is about 12-13 gallons total.

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    I've got some ODI lock on grips with chrome or red lock rings and rubber or billet end plugs. PM me if you're interested.

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    I cant get the full 15 gal either, even when the warning beep comes on. Man..on about 2 hours on the lake i go thru a whole tank

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    you have about 4-5 gallons left when the fuel buzzer comes should get close to 100 miles on a tank with out running out if you are taking a long cruise with out to much WOT........I find that I can average about 6.5 mpg most of the time.............

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    I consider the riding positions to be like trim. If I want to trim down and reduce porpoising I sit closer to the bars. For top speed and nose up riding is when I will be all the way back on the seat. I also depends on how much fuel you have at the time. Are you riding in the back to keep the nose out of waves when going slow? It does like to push water when you have a full tank. I purchased the ODI grips and I like them. The stock grips can be slippery when wet also. When I installed the grips I cut the end of the bars off but I know some that have left the fat end on and just worked to get over it.

    Oh yeah I consider once the warning light goes off I can still ride another 30 miles but I wouldn't push it except in an emergency.

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    For someone your size .. you riding position sounds about right .. When i am crusing I can usually get about 105 miles on the lake . if its not alot of rough water ( 4 to 5 foot waves) and i can hold the throttle pretty steady. I ride alot over at Heber springs ark on Greers Ferry lake .. We will ride around 330 miles of that lake on a weekend and I can do that on about 2 3/4 .. well say 3 tanks.
    I went with the gloves till you hands get broke in so to speak lol. I couldn't find any grips that i liked.
    I adjusted the bunks on the trailer to give the ski more of a nose up attitude and helps with getting as much fuel in it as i can .. and it seems to help with how it rides behind the truck. ... good luck to ya bud .. they are a blast to ride.

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    I have a 12f which I believe has the same fuel tank and I can usually get no more than 12 gallons as well. Also when your fuel light starts beeping your not even necessarily in your reserve fuel, it can just be tripped when you are at like say a little less than a half a tank and you are riding over some heavy chop. The gas swishes around in the tank and trips the sensor, but once the light comes on, it wont stop even when the tank settles. Sometimes you'll notice that you are low on fuel (not in reserve) and then all of a sudden when u go slow for a bit you get back like a bar or two.
    I also agree about the grips that they are slippery and uncomfortable and I hope to get new ones. Really my only complaint about the stx skis is how low the handlebars are. Sometimes when I stand I feel like I'm gonna get thrown right over them. Over all I love both the 12 and 15f. Wish I would have got a 15 though. Also one final thing I wanted to ask was if there is a more comfortable throttle trigger to put on these skis. I don't know about you guys but the stock one is really fatiguing.

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    [ Also one final thing I wanted to ask was if there is a more comfortable throttle trigger to put on these skis. I don't know about you guys but the stock one is really fatiguing.[/quote]

    I agree 100%. Yesterday, I put the first hour of breakin on my new 15F.
    The throttle is very uncomfortable.


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    If anybody knows where we can get an aftermarket trigger for cheap please let us know.

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    There is a fabrication defect with the elbow on the fuel drop down tube.
    If you tilt/raise the front of the ski all the way up when filling up, you will get the extra 4 gallons in.After I fill mine up I can do about 30-40 miles of cruising before I drop down one bar on the fuel gauge. I usually raise the trailer
    tongue on the bumper of my SUV, about 23 inches higher than the hitch.
    Hope that helps, even if I am kinda late with my post.
    Happy riding!

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