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    Stripped screws on carbs

    I started taking the carbs apart to clean them and to replace parts and it looks like the owner before me stripped some screws on the carbs. How do you get these stripped screws out? Please help.

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    use an impact screwdriver or a good fitting phillips and tap the top with a hammer while turning. If they do not come out this way drill the top off the screw remove the valve assembly then remove the bodies of the screw with vise grips. This is pretty common to find, I have removed many like this.
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    Yeap, impact screw driver should work just fine, I think Harbor Freight has one for about 13 bucks.

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    I think I purchased my impact driver from AutoZone for $9.99. From the looks of those screws you can just hammer a standard PH2? driver into there and turn away, mine were worse. It may be a PH3...

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    All you need is a dowel pin the size of the screw head

    Take the dowel pin and place it on top of the screw head and tap the head back flat.
    The philips screwdriver will now fit and the impact from taping on it will have losened up the screw.
    Works every time lol................

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    I just ran into the same situation last week, I used a screw extractor. You drill a 5/64 hole in screw and insert size #1 extractor purchased at O'Reillys.

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    I saw this DAILY while working at the dealership.

    Do use an impact driver, but alot of times when they look like that, I liked to take the phillip's head out of the impact driver itself, line it up, and use a smaller peen hammer. With the hammer and the phillips head, tap it into place first. You should be able to get the phillips head to basically stick into the screw this point, now apply the impact driver onto the phillips head and apply a good amount of pressure down, and slightly rotational to the spin of the driver.

    If that all makes sense.

    If you don't get the head seated, or started to dig into the screw before using an impact driver, it will just tear them up worse.

    I have NEVER had to drill the head off using this method.

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    I actually have this problem too...can you use just a regular stainless steel screw once I get the old one out?

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    Sure you can. But, if you ever strip that one out, it's going to be ALOT harder to drill out, than a normal steel would.

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