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    Jetting for 38mm carbs with High Speed Adjuster

    Hi guys,

    I just received a new set of 38mm carbs from CrazyA (thanks very much they look great!) and just wanted to run my jetting by you all to see if you have any comments...

    I have taken the jets from my old 38mm carbs and put them in the new ones with the HS adjuster. The ski is a 96 sl900.

    Currently the jetting is:


    good? bad? (these are stock on the 38mm carbs so just wondering how much a HS adjuster will impact overall)

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    That's factory jetting so with the ability to adjust the highs I would guess you could close them and still flow enough fuel??
    What's the jetting that came with the carbs from crazya?

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    my 2 cents

    if the new cabs have the same dia ports inside the carb throat the jetting would be the same,ie the idle,low and mid port.what i've found on the adj is that 1/8 turn= 1 a 150 jet with an 1/8 turn out will be a 151 jet,3/8 out would be a 153,that ability to get single #'s on jetting is a plus for hp and rpm,but be careful.when the air gets really good and dense running on the edge previously could set you over the edge and have you running lean,thats why they're set rich from the factory and at sea level

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    The jets that came with the carbs were:




    These seem to be much different than those of a stock sl900...

    In theory if I kept the high speed needles turned all the way out and put in the stock jets, would these carbs behave as normal stock sl900 carbs?

    just curious


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