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    Brand new OEM polaris handle bar grips

    Hello all I just got my package of new Polaris stuff and the color is not right for my grips, I am not sure which model of Polaris had these blue grips but there up for sale because I need purple because that is what came stock on my ski's.. So $20.00 shipped takes them and here is my e-mail for paypal [email protected] Cya Slick

    PS.,. there a little dirty from siting on a shelf some where but there new, as soon as I seen the color they where I figured they have to go..

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    Hey slick I got these from hydro pro. There a nice purple that matches the purple hydroturf on my Wife's ski These might be what your looking for. Mike
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    Thanks I appreciate it.. Cya Slick

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    ujust lost your pic's are always so small any way you can up the pixel count on your camera on your camera picture size, us older guys have a hard time seeing them small pictures.. Cya Slick

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