R5WaterXracing is sorry to announce that The Rds 1&2 of The R9WaterXRacing Series has been cancelled or you could say SEVERLY moved!

We had asked 3-4 weeks ago who was interested in racing in R9 and we recieved about a handfull of calls that said they were and knew of a couple of others that wanted to. With us being promotors for Region 5 we cant justify driving hundreds of miles not knowing if there will even be anyone there or at least enough for us to break even and not give any extra payouts.

There isnt really any sponsorship money to get from up in that region it seems right now and the gracious sponsors we did have we arent willing to tell them "Hope they show up!" and then we all look like idiots!

We would like to thank those racers and sponsors who have put in their time to help us get a response up there in R9!

What we would like to offer is this..Those that can attend the July 4th & 5th race in The Colony with Rds 5&6 of The R5WaterXRacing Tour will receive Region 9 Regional Points.
We still plan on putting on Rds 3&4 of The R9WaterXRacing Tour and it will be in either ElDorado Ks or Elephant Butte, NM PLease stay tuned to www.r5waterxracing.com and www.apbaracing.com for details soon!

Again we apologize for not being able to go on with Rds 1&2 of your tour but we will do everything we can to make sure you can get your highpoints and regional racing!

If you have any questions and or comments please call us at 214-498-3592 or email us at [email protected]