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    xlt 1200 rebuild questions

    How do u know if your ski is need of a rebuild

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    If your not doing something, its hard to screw up. stlouisramsfan's Avatar
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    can happen at 10 hours or 400+ hours.... compression test is a good start.... whats the ski doing.... the guys on here have seen it all

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    In most cases you don't know-unless something obviously breaks or the ski doesn't run or sound right. I will tell you from experience that an xl1200 with 150 hours on it will at least need a top end rebuild if you want to keep your machine reliable.

    First, do a compression test on each cylinder. This info will tell you alot. If your compression is low-you'll need a top end rebuild.

    One question you will have to answer is where do you stop the rebuild? You have power valve issues, crankshaft issues, seal issues, etc!

    I think that if you start the process you should see it through completely. Meaning, address all the issues. That may not mean replacement of all components. However, that does mean tearing things apart, doing numerous cleaning activities & performing extensive inspection, testing & measuring tasks.

    Go for it and have fun with it. One thing for sure, before you are done, you will learn alot about how your jet ski works!

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    You never know , i dropped a cylinder at 55 hours, but ride with someone that has 172 and his is still going. guess it was the motor gods way of saying i need a faster ski time for a rebuild.

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