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    WTB: XL1200 Limited (PV) Crankcase (lower)

    I know I need the lower for sure. It will be a couple days until I know about the top.


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    You need a set of cases, these are made as matched sets from the factory. Never mix and match them. here is one from HallPass

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    Thanks OSideBill! It is ok to match bottom end and top end of engine though?? Since he is only selling the bottom end..

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    Yes. The top and bottom halves of the cases are machined to work with each other. Thats why you need to buy a set of cases. The cylinders you can mix and match though. If you end up with different cylinders and are going to be running a single piece head, its always a good idea to check deck height though. If you are running a 3 piece head its not really relivant.

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    I have a set of cases in the classifieds. should have pics tonight

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