Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a tip some standup guys use occasionally..
If you gutted your airbox or dont want to bc of the concern of water intrusion. IMO...You might want to consider putting a 12 X 12 piece of hydroturf on the bottom of your hull or side for that matter ( using DAP contact cement).. Many of the guys "swear" that the friction or i should say lack there of.. Of the hydro turf when water is on the turf and vibrations and wave jumping prevents the water from "sloshing" or "jumping" around your engine bay.. one guy did a vibration board test with fiberglass vs turf to see how much higher the water "JUMPED" off compared to adding a piece of turf.. The results came to the conclusion that for barrel rolls and flips and such it was a no brainer with some results..

So for those who are hesitant to grab more air in the engine via airbox removal or gutting. You might want to consider this simple trick to alleviate any "stress" you might have with this mod

Hope this helps Let me know whatcha think..