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    In need of a CDI for a 99 stx-1100

    Hey guys, It has been a while since i have been into watercraft. I used to have a stage 3 gp1200r and I decided to leave the hobby a few years ago after many heart broken days on the lake. Anyway I picked up a 99 stx1100 but it needs a cdi. The part number is 21119-3755, I have been having trouble finding a new one. I call most of the watercraft junk yards so i dont know where else to go. Anyway if anyone can help me please either respond here or if you want send an email to [email protected]

    Thanks and I look forward to the help, it has been a long day!

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    Powers edge

    I have had good luch with Powers edge. They have a great team...give them a call.

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    I just swapped a 900 zxi motor and CDI into my 1100 ZXI because i blew the motor. I still have the whole CDI box from the 1100 if you're interested. It is in great condition and it's from a 96. Let me know if that is the one you need. I can take pics if you need.

    If that one won't work for you try these guys: http://www.neversatisfiedmotorsports...x&cPath=1_8_59 they have a lot of good used parts for the Kawasaki Skis. I believe they have a CDI for the 99 ZXI 1100
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