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    Need Feedback - Normal nosie / vibration levels?

    Have a 2008 RXT and since hour #1, I have felt that the engine has a harshness / vibration that doesn't necessarily sound bad, but more unexpected. My friend has a '07 GTX 155 and it has a similar feeling to it. Mine is just amplified. Is this normal? Acceleration is solid, top speed is as expected. Do the dealers do anything with the engine / supercharged after taking it out of the crate or should I assume this is factory spec'd / assembled?

    My old '99 GTX RFI just felt more refined than this ski as far as engine hardshness and noise.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Its been a while since I have ridden mine... but you certainly know when its on from the vibration.

    If its running ok and the 155 feels similar its probably just the charteristics of a big tripple

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    Cool. Thanks for the reponse.

    I guess if something goes wrong, I get it fixed.

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    In certain spots in the RPM band, you get some resonance.

    I get it at about 25 MPH and if I go a bit faster or slower the resonance goes away.

    It feels like it is in the drive train...........

    It has always done this, and I have over 250 hours on my 04' RXP

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