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    Not sparking

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new to this site, hope I dont sound too retarded. But anyways, I'm working on my bosses jet ski, and I pulled the front cover off to find the stator and pulser coil, and the fly wheel chewed up, well, I've replaced all of those parts, and I went to start it and no spark. I've heard some people say that the battery can have the voltage to turn it over, but not the amount of amperage, which would not create spark. Its a 06 yamaha 1200 SUV. please help me out guys!

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    Flywheel key sheared off and damaged those parts? I would ensure that you don't have that issue and or the crank is walking due to locator pins being damaged etc. Lastly the snout could have broken....did you look at all this while it was apart?


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    negative, it was several teeth on the starter bendix that broke off and chewed everything up.

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    let me tell you a story of how easily things can get messed up when it comes to 2 strokes and timing via a keyway.

    So there I was...

    I just assembled my brand new ported and polished 1300 engine from Mr. Lowell Horning himself. I started it on the trailer and was in absolute awe from the sound etc. Well I brought it down to the water...hit the starter and little did I know I had sheared/spun my keyway which you may have done. I hadn't hit the throttle and the events took place because of the torque my starter had on the flywheel to crank. If that bendix grabbed a hold of your flywheel to the point that the flywheel sheared off some teeth then I would like to say its safe to assume you need to pull that flywheel off, check out your keyway and also thoroughly inspect your crank keyway seat.

    Last thing you can check is that your plug wires havent been tugged on and are actually making a connection with the cap electrode/diode whatever you call it.

    And as someone had previously can go a little deeper by seperating the crankcase (it goes back together with liquid gasket style stuff anyways) and check your crank pins to make sure they havent spun as well.

    good luck,


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    btw, with my timing off...and no spark when the pistons would be at their motor turned into a vacuum and was filled up completely with salt water after being run for 3 minutes (trailer mostly)...

    thank god for Lowell's quality workmanship.

    Sorry, realized I hadn't finished my whoa is me story.

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    How about a baby step first - have you checked the water temp sensor?

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    Not to hi-jack the thread. I'm not getting any spark too. The water temp sensor was unplugged after i put the jetworks kit in. Yesterday I found the sensor had come undone from where i tied it up and it was sitting in a little puddle of water in my hull and the tip was dirty. Pretty sure this is the reason so tonight i'm gonna put a 10k ohm resistor in. I'm hoping this fixes the reason its not starting

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    ok, does anyone have pictures of this temp sensor?

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    OK, so we got it started today, i feel like a bone head, I didnt ground the spark plug right, so we have spark now, and it started up. Now, when I put the oil injector back on, one of the ears cracked, so does anyone know where I can get a cheap oil injector? and everytime I start the ski up, the display keeps beeping and flashing FUEL! I put 5 gallons of fresh fuel in it. the last time it was started was 2004. ANyone know what thats about?

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