Hey guys just and FYI so you all that hold for others take care of your eyes. [8D]

99% of us wear some sort of eye protection when racing the bouyes right. Well something that I never even considered happened to me and I did not feel the affects until about 5 AM Monday morning.

I had my swell up to looking like Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield had sucker punched me. Why a sucker punch you say well I would not tangle with either one of those pro pugilists. So if they were to have hypothetically hit me it would have been a sucker punch..

Seriously we take good care of our eyes on the track and while sitting around the pits wit either goggles or good sunglasses.

This is no ones fault and a fluke injury however it could happen to any holder at any time on any start. There was on start in particular with Valek's # 68 and The "Kinger" and I were holding for him. No biggie right I have held for hundreds of boats already?? Well upon taking off to one of his best starts of the afternoon I had simultaneously got blasted by 2 jets of water and lost my footing on a slippery Lake Andrea Rock at the gate. This I guess brought me to fall almost completely underwater at the gate. Well I though how embarrassing I hope few noticed it. The Kinger quickly grabbed my hand preventing me from going all the way under. Well then the asked me if I was OK. I said yeah with little embarrassment other than that I was ok.

Well I went to urgent care the that afternoon. I had thought it was allergies or other irritation that usually goes away with time rest and a flushing of the eye or two.

Well it got puffier and puffier and I then called my wife who then called my sister who rushed over to see it chuckle a little and then take me in.

Well I ended up having a foreign object removed from my eye and that the optometrist said that it had taken "quite the blow" and that I was lucky and I was on the road to healing nicely. This of course after a day of constant eye weeping and tearing all over compounded with the pain of having the foreign body removed and that anesthetic wearing off.

So I should be OK and back at 100% soon like this coming weekend. So if we could pleas be aware of our own eyes and protect them so that I am the only example for this and any other season after me.

From now on I will be wearing goggles IF I am holding for the rest of my career. I was impaired only for and evening. I hate for it to be the rest of my or anyone's life.

I will be posting this on other sites too to spread the word.


Kevin Gong


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