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    NEWB looking to buy his first ski needs advice.

    im looking to buy my first ski at 20 years of age. these r the two im looking at.

    i just want something reliable that i wont have to do any major work to in a few seasons. something that wont die on me in the middle of the river or ocean. and something i can putt around on and have fun.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated thx guys

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    best place to post this would be the general section...but for an older first trouble free ski look for anything with a yamaha 701 or 760 twin cylinder engine and nice looking well cared for body. I'd stay away from older seadoo's totally and look at polaris only if they are in pristine condition..with working gauge set.

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    Depends on what you want to spend and if you are looking for a 2 seater or 3 seater. I would reccomend two skis that I have personally owned and had 0 issues are the Yamaha 1200 XLT 3 seater (2 stroke) or the SeaDoo 4-Tec GTX non supercharged (4 stroke). You can probably find either ski for about $3500 with trailer. I know I almost recently bought the GTX as second ski for the wife. Do not buy the SeaDoo 2 stroke. If you want an older ski the Yamaha is the way I would turn. I had a built 1994 701 Waveblaster that was awesome and reliable. Get one that you can tell has been taken care of and before you buy have someone check it out, do a compression test on it.

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    Hey guys. Just have to disagree with the "don't buy a seadoo 2-stroke." Perhaps some have had problems with this boat as well as any other marine engine but I have to say that the 95-96 xp's unmodded are proven to be very reliable if simple attention to detail is given. My stocker has close to 400 hours on it and I run it hard. Just watch the oil and give it a little tlc.

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    yea i had a much longer and more detailed org post but i accidently deleted it lol

    im 20 years old, im just looking to get my feet wet. im looking to spend $800-$1000 im a novice auto mechanic. so i can wrench a lil. so plugs and batterys and stuff i could do. i just want something fun and reliable.

    so u say 2 stroke yamahas are the most reliable? how bout that polaris slt 780? from the pics it looks pretty clean, but the guy said the guage cluster dosent work. so should i just move on or u think that could be a great ski? he said it has only been in fresh water too and he'd take $950

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    any 701 yamaha, or 650, 800 un modded seadoo and you will be fine. most will take a little wrenching here and there, but any well maintained ski would be ok. Best advice would be switch to pre mix on whatever you buy.

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    i would stay away from polaris, if i remember correctly they quit making parts for them

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    well i went and looked at the 1996 seadoo GTI 720 today. thing was pretty mint to me (but i kno jack shit) impeller didnt have many nicks or scratches (if any), motor mounts were solid, thing startes right up and had good throttle. i didnt get to do a compression test, and the guy had the thing out there and ready so i dn if he had the thing running b4 to get it to start right away. the hull looked good not a lot of scratches or nicks and nothing deep at all. the only thing was the steering. now how "tight" or "loose" should the steering be? it seemed pretty loose except when u turned it hard right u could feel a bit of resistance, but no resistance if u turned it to the left. he said it might need new or cleaned carbs and plugs and fresh gas. it has seen salt water, it has been always garaged kept. he asking $1200 but said he'd take $1100 a lil out of my price range but i dn

    so what do u guys think? should i try to do a compression test and ask for a test drive? anything else i should/can do? gimme any info/opinion u can!

    also ima try to arrange a meet up time to drive 2 hours north and look at that polaris this or next week, he said he'd take $950 for that one, but he said the guage cluster dosent work and there r chips in the gelcoat. the seadoo is only 20 min from my house the polaris is a good 2 hours so i want to make sure i kno what to look for when i go look at that one. should i not even bother since the guage cluser is busted? or is that not a big deal?

    thx again guys tony

    Edit: oh also how hard is it and how expensive is it to swap or clean the carbs on these? is it something i could prolly do on my own for not much $$? thx again

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    what type of riding do you want to do? Are you going to want to pull tubes, or ride 2-3 people? If you just want to ride by yourself I wouldn't go for this seadoo, I would go for an XP, much for playful, but I am a bit biased towards the XP

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    yea i was thinking by myself mostly I WOULD LOVE AN XP!!! but they r a lil out of my price range. im looking to spend no more then $1000 and the ski has to be in good running order and dependable.

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