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    RXP-X Stickers and Paintcode?!

    Hello guys,

    I just bought an used RXP-X -08..

    The previous owner had some small damage fixed on the body, caused by another boat. And due to this the Grey/silver colour is different on a 30x5 cm area. So im trying to find out what the colour code is.

    Also the stickers on the side of the bench are kinda scrachy and doesnt look so good, due to the previous owners wetsuit with zipper on the inside of the footwear. So does anyone know where i could order new stickers?

    Im taking the RXP-X in use this weekend, so i have had it under the protective coating standing in the sun for 3-4 days after i bought it. Now when i took the coating off there was a awful smell of fuel coming out, could this be just fumes caused by the heat? or should i be worried?

    Kinda long post, hope u have time to read it/comment


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    Check here for Stickers:

    http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....?Type=12&A=161 there is a link here for decals

    and give a local dealer a call for the paint code. I am not a firefighter by trade so take this with a grain of salt..............I wouldn't worry too much about the fumes unless you can see fuel leaking from the fuel rail or the tank. If I take my seat off I can smell fuel sometimes especially in the heat.

    Welcome to the GH!

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    Thanks for the link man

    i allready checked the tank and the fuel rail. Nothing there, And it runs smoothly and takes off like a rocket (offcourse) so i guess i`ll just forget about it for now. This is my first Jet-ski ever so im kinda new in the topic.

    Thanks again for the help


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