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    Oil Light issues

    While riding my 2003 GTX 155 HP the oil light came on. If I let go of the throttle and wait a few seconds the light would turn off and full power would return. If I went in straight line the machine was fine but if I turned the signal would go on again. I checked the oil it seemed to be fine maybe a little high of a level. I just purchased the seadoo and of course it performed fine for the test ride. Just wondering if any one has had the same problems or if any one had some advice. Could it be as simple as a sensor or maybe more serious. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    Got any codes? Might be the dreaded two oil switches or at least one of them.

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    When I checked for codes the display read end. Not sure what that means. Thanks.

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    probably the o.s.p.s. sensor. code p1202...very common

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    Thanks for that I'll start there.

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