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    First time out in two years, any suggestions?

    Hey guys im new here, but i have been riding for a long time. I mostly ride at lake of the Ozarks missouri since I have a place down there, but since i got my boat my ski has not gotten any use. It has been two years and i have decided to bring my ski home for use on a local river. It is a 1996 waveblaster 2, totally stock. last time i rode it it had bogging problems that were pretty severe, it would not plane up from stop, bog down, then shoot off after a few seconds. Since it hasnt had any use in two years and has just been sitting, im thinking i will do this

    1. new battery
    2. new plugs- best kind? Br8hs?
    3. clean carbs- someone have a link to how to? ( possibly rebuild?)
    4. drain gas
    5. compression check- things to look for?

    any other suggestions on what i should do to get it running well, things to look for would be great!

    thanks alot!

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    Sounds like you on the right track.

    After two years the gas probably gummed up your carbs causing the problem.

    Checking compression - look for consistency across all the cylinders. Not sure what yours should be though.

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