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    Dealer cost to change pump bearings

    what amount of time is reasonable for a dealer to change the pump bearings?

    i am about to take my f-12 in to get this doen, and want to keep him honest...

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    Dealers aren't "honest" - neither is the industry - at least not from this perspective.
    They use a book value for the time it takes to change the bearings.
    If mechanics can do it in less time, they make more money on commission.
    If it takes more time, they'll probably charge you for it.

    Call around - as for estimates on the service. It should be easy to estimate.

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    about a 12 pack take it out and send it to me!

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    I just did this myself and it took me about 2 hours of actually working (unbolting everything taking it all apart, then to reassemble everything) and that was the first time I had done it. I had to go to a machine shop to get the bearings pressed out and then the new ones pressed in. Total time I would think shouldn't be more then 2.5 - 3 hours of labor. Now that I have done it once and know what I' am doing I could probably cut an hour off of the time. If you have basic mechanical knowledge and a manual it is not that hard to do. The parts are about $60 without having to change anything other than the bearings and seals. I would call all of the local shops in the area and see if they could give you at least a ballpark price on the phone. Good luck! Let us know what they charge you.

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    I priced having my local shop do it and with the pump out they said about $100 labor plus about $75 in parts. I ordered the parts myself (still waiting speedsuppplies is slower than Christmas) and am going to take them to a shop I have access to and press them in myself. An important note if you are going to do it yourself is that you will need an impeller wrench about $10 online. Trust me you won't get it out without one. Good luck either way you go.

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