I have a 66E 927 Big bore engine for sale. It was for a xlt800 but I decided to go 4 stroke.
The engine has the following:
66E cylinders bored and Ported by Lowell Horning. OEM stock head machined to fit by lowell as well
0 Time OEM crank T/Welded
V-force 3 Reed setup with 5hrs on them w/Lowell's new and improved gaskets
Novi 48 mm carbs with pro-tec adapter
THIS ENGINE HAS 3 HOURS ON IT broken in and tuned by JIMS PERFORMANCE of Florida
I am selling with exhaust that has a JETWORKS adapter attached to the stinger very rare piece which is brand new as well!!

I will post pictures tomorrow
Please be aware this engine is practicaly brand new with NOT A SPEC OF CORROSION ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

It was broken in in saltwater but driven in a freshwater lake for an hour to make sure everything was flushed out of it!!!!!!

$4000 Shipped to your door in the united states!!!

With all this being said, NO IM NOT GOING TO PART THIS ENGINE!!! Purchase as a whole or not at all!!! I will not respond to posts asking for parts!!