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    Need help!! anyone know ECU

    I have an 02 GTX 4-tech that runs lean till it warms up. Obvoiusly the sensors for "cold-start" "Warm-up" are not giving right info. This is after
    eliminating other issues.

    The ski idles fine but bogs and wants to die when given throttle until its warm.

    It's either bad ECU or a sensor is not working. Anyone know the circuits of these units??


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    Anyone know the ECU units??? I need a lttle help here

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    i honestly think its fuel pressure issues. i have seen that a lot recently with the older 4 tecs at my shop. it was probably stored over the winter with an empty or near empty fuel tank. this would let moisture build on the fuel pump. i tried replacing injectors but it did not really fix it. i have not gotten the chance to switch the fuel pump yet. i dont think you have sensor or ecu issues though.

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    thanks for responding........ the issue goes away completely after warm up, 10 minutes or so. Never fail it only happens when cold, once warm she's a raped ape out of the hole...

    Just for kicks, which sensors are involved with warm-up phase?

    I just have a feeling the fuel is not getting the "enrichen" signal from the ECU/ECM
    because it always thinks the machine is warm.


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