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    Level of difficulty replacing an engine in a 99 SPX

    I just purchased a 99 Sea Doo SPX. The Lower Casing along with a piece from the balance shaft is broken.

    In your opinion from a level of1-10 and 10 being the most difficult what would you rate the job of installation and un-installation?

    Also how long will the task take?

    Any special tools needed?

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    Not too bad of a job.
    You will need an alignment tool for the re-install.
    It would be alot easier than my 951 in my GTXL.
    It took me a couple of days, but I work slow and deliberate with a touch of OCD.......

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    Can you rent the alignment tool from somewhere? Otherwise how much do they cost?

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    I found that local dealers wanted more to actually do the alignment than the too cost.
    Got one from SBT and now I have one to work on my skis with.
    I have got in good with a local private shop and I let him borrow the alignment tool and he helps me out with problems and gives advice.

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