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    SL900 spark problem

    just bought a 1996 SL900 took it out ran great for about ten minutes. then i lost spark on one cylinder took it back home and it had spark on all three again. So a couple days later i was going to take it out again and i had no spark on all three this time.put charger on battery and got spark back. took out and ran great again for about ten minutes again lost spark on one cylinder again.any idea thanks

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    You should have a look here, in particular regarding the Ignition System Update Kit.

    Click here for the Polaris Service manual.

    A common cause of no spark when starting is a weak battery. Make sure your battery is healthy.

    It should be able to deliver well over 10.5 volts, while cranking the engine. if it does not, replace the battery.

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    well when i started to take out the stator i noticed that it had the up grade kit in it already will a factory stator work with a upgrade cdi.

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    If it has the connector on the stator wires where it hooks up the electrical box, I think I know your problem. Disconnect the connector and check all the pins inside. If they look corroded, or if they are broke, then there is your problem. I had one completely broke off, and that was causing me intermittent spark on the center cyl.

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    its ten wires going right to the eletric box no connectors

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    will a factory stator work with a upgrade cdi.

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