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    781 Pipe mod Questions.

    Does anyone have a link to specific directions on how to mod a pipe on a carbed 800? The mod with the jetworks flow control valve that dries up the pipe.


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    Someone knows how to do this

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    The jetworks valve dries out the waterbox not the pipe. Get rid of the water regulator on your waterbox. The brass fitting that comes out of the waterbox drill and tap it for a mikuni main jet #100. and put the jetworks valve to that. The other line that runs off the water reg goes to the pipe you can drill and tap that brass fitting to put like a 100 minuki jet in there to dry the pipe out and give you more rpms. You will have to adjust your carbs to give it a lil more fuel for the added rpms.

    All the jetworks valve does is not allow water to go into your waterbox in no wake or slow wake zones. When you hit the throttle your exhaust won't have to push out all that extra water. Your take off will be better than stock. The jetworks valve opens at higher water pressure (higher rpms) it stays closed in low water pressure low rpms.

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