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    1996 seadoo xp drop nozzle kit?

    does anyone kno where i can find a drop nozzle kit for a 1996 seadoo xp? any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I don't think anyone makes them now. You'd have to find one used. Might want to put a WTB in the classifieds.

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    alright ill try that. but do you think it would be worth putting a drop nozzle on it or jsut sticking with the vts? i cant decide what to do

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    a drop nozzle would be nice if you raced.

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    i wanna race it but i cant seem to find a drop nozzle so i was just wonderin if it would be worth tryin to still find one or make one

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    you can send a PM to DAN725. He has them on his skis. and made his own. said he is looking into making a few more if he had enought people interested. I would like a set for my XPL. but I'm in no hurry.

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    not sure if baker performance still makes a hydraulic trim. try calling them.

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    they still make them at baker performance i emailed him and he said they make them for it

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