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    Avg. Max WOT rpms for a stock 900/1100 triple??

    On average what should the max. on the water WOT rpms be for a (1) 1100STX & (2) a 900STX all stock ? thanks

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    both should be around 6950/7050 rpm

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    what should i look for if my max rpm's on a 98 stx1100 are 6100, charbs been cleaned already, new plugs, and fuel lines, thanks in advance

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    I've got the 1100 triple in two ZXIs. One would max out at 6100 rpm and the other at 7000. Before I pulled my carbs to install primer kits, I checked the throttle blades on the carbs with the spark arrestor removed and found that one of them (lesser rpm) was not opening all the way. Made the necessary adjustment to the cable. Haven't run them yet, but I'll find out this weekend if that was the deal.

    Oddly enough, that 1000 rpm difference only equated to about 1-2 mph on a gps.

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