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    2006 F12X

    I have a Yamaha 2000 xlt1200 with gp1300 cylinder @ 63mph, and I was looking at a new left over 06 f12x t3 turbo for a very good price and very good interest rate, how will it compare to the Yamaha, will I be happy with the honda, my yamaha has newer rebuilt and jetted carbs and 1300 top end with about 40 hours and now Im having a problem with electrical, I think its a stator at $175, Im just having little problems with it(9 years old), I want to get a spare ski, I have a good spare yamaha 1200 motor, and I was going to pickup a inexpansive ski, a gp1200 or another xlt1200 with a bad motor for a spare, but I seen these new nice looking 06 honda f12x at a great price and if its a better or = to my yamaha I mite just get it and keep my yamaha for the spare, I know the 2 stroke carburetor Yamaha inside and out there simple to work on, the honda computer controlled fuel injected 4strokes, Ill be lost on fixing it, are the hondas raw water cooled or do they have antifreeze cooling for the turbo, after cooler, and engine?

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    I was basically in the same boat, although I bought a used ski. I've owned the GP1200, have the GPR800, and have had a few big-bore Polaris skis.

    The Honda beats the $#@$ out of them.

    EFI is totally different and there is a lot more stuff in the hull. Honda are very reliable, but when they do break they will give you an EFI code. That code will give you a general area to look for trouble, but honestly, it's going to be replace the parts and see if that fixes it - for most parts there isn't a great diagnostic as it's usually one of several parts in a system.

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