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    93 XP--to fix or not to fix

    Ran great but lost compression in 1 cylinder. Bottom end seems ok but I haven't torn it down.

    To fix or not to fix, that is the question. Hull isn't perfect but isn't horrible. Looking for input.

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    well, depends on what u want to spend? and how handy you are?

    I have repaired several skis in this condition. Normally pull off the head and cylinders. if the crankshaft appears to be fine, (rotates free and easily) then take cylinders to machine shop and have them check to see
    how far over they need to be bored to clean up any damage. then order the top end rebuild kit. (160-250 price) comes with pistons, rings, bearings and gaskets. the machine shop should set up your cylinders for your new pistons. and charge from 50 to around 100 to do the machine work. then re-install the piston and cylinders. and u are back to new.

    parts and labor if you do the work yourself.. 260-350 ?? taking it to a shop... a lot more!!

    another questions... whats caused the engine failure??? oil injection? clogged carb? I normally clean out the carbs/rebuild them. replace the fuel lines if its still the grey stuff. and rip out the oil pump and pre-mix the fuel from this point out. (still requires oil for rotary valve) so you still need to keep oil lines connected to bottom of motor.

    but need to determine cause of failure. so it doesn"t happen on the new rebuild. good luck!
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