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    GAAH! Cracked my hull!

    I've had a riot on my new skis this summer. Already logged about 30hrs a piece on my 97 Yamaha 760's since I purchased them in April.

    No mechanical troubles yet, but I did manage to screw up my WaveVenture's hull. In a poorly judged trailer loading attempt, we drove up "too hot" to a trailer that was not low enough in the water. The end of the bunk board (rather than the top) collided with my ski and made a few nice cracks in the front bow.

    The cracks are about an inch long with hairline fissures (that look only surface deep) extending another inch on either side. I ran the skis in the water once after the accident and didn't take on any water.

    Here's a picture. My thumb's in there for comparison sake. The black hairy things coming from the crack are carpet fibers from my bunk carpeting.

    I know very little about fiberglass repair. Is the strength of my hull compromised due to these small cracks? Will they get larger/more problematic with time? Do I need to repair it? HOW do I repair it!?

    I feel like an idiot for not just backing the trailer farther.... We were on a shallow launch ramp (into lake erie) and I didn't want to get the car wet.

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    i would rub that out with fine compound and then apply a light smear of white marine tex if need be... that area is pretty strong as its near an edge....with no water comming in, you should be ok...

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