I think i have found the problem with my waverunner 3. The ski cranks and runs good, the carb is fine, good compression, new crankseals, and I replaced the rubber connector between the expansion chamber and the exhaust manifold. It was busted and blowing out an oil slick underneath the ski. But three out of five times when you give it the throttle it bogs and stays there. If you let off the throttle and get back into it then it may rev to the limiter. I disconected the temp. sensor and same problem so I bought a manual for the schematics and electrical values...tested the stator and it was fine but when I tested the cdi box the values were way off....I have ordered a new cdi and will post with the results....I have noticed a couple of ski's on here around the same year model with the same problem, and one even had a video but nobody ever posts what they did to correct the problem. If anyone reads this that has had a similiar problem please respond and I will greatly appreciate it.