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    03/04 GTX-SC Starting Issues

    Just what it says. I have an 03 & 04 GTX-SC and when you put the key on and hit the start button it clicks like it wants to start. I changed the starter relay on the 04 since the stealership only had 1 in stock and it did the same thing. Now I am leaning towards a weak battery. They (batteries) were not conditioned or anything during the winter, just unhooked from the ski.

    To add to it, the 03 started about 3 weeks ago no problem, then today it just clicked. I really hope it's something a few hours on a trickle charger will fix. They have been extremely reliable as soon as you get them going for the summer. It's just getting them to start that first time that seems to be the small issue with mine. Thanks everyone!!!

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    yeah, your batteries are junk. get a yuasa, ytx30cl-b

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