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    Exclamation Polaris SL650 wont crank

    I have cracked open the electrical box that sits over the battery and it had an watery oily substance in it. I got rid of it and cleaned the terminals on the silenoid i jumped the battery and starter wires it turned over perfectly. The silenoid doesnt click or anything can it be one of the kill switches or what. so so far what ive done is jumped the two big nuts on the silenoid and clean some connecters.
    Also this is a big project it sat for years and ive gotton it this far i want to get this POS running this year

    Please help,
    Clayton Katz

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    You can try disconnecting the kill switch from thew board and give it a try.

    Also check the back of the circuit board for corrosion if there was water inside.

    If they pass, then try to get a hold of a new solenoid.

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    This thread shouldn't be in the projects forum, so at some point a moderator may move it to the General section...

    Welcome to the Hulk

    Lots to learn, and lots of information around here!

    Click here for the Polaris Service Manuals, and lots more info.

    Normally, the electrical box has a terminal board inside, which all the wires connect to.

    To keep moisture away from the metal contacts, the entire board is smeared with a dielectric grease, called Nyogel. Dielectric grease does not conduct electricity, but it repels water, which is why it coats the metal contacts.

    Read through the service manual section on diagnostics and no-crank symptom.

    The SL 650 electrical system is pretty basic, so concentrate on the black ground wires (very important that they are actually connected to ground), and the Red/Purple wiring.

    Make sure the Reset button (electric overload circuit breaker) is pressed down.

    There should be zero corrosion on either side of the terminal board, and all the wire connections should be clean with solid metal to metal contact.

    There should be no wires just hanging loose.

    Work through all the checks, and let us know what you find

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    thanks the breaker was bad so i replaced and it turned over, thanks for all the help.

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