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    Noob wondering what to do....... Broken Rod, through case....

    Just joined your wonderful forum. I also just bought my first ski. The only thing wrong with it, a rod broke and went through the block. UH OH. What is the cheapest way to get this fixed? I got it for cheap and hope to fix it. Should be an interesting project. So can the rod be replaced on the crank, or do I need to find another complete crank? Im sure the hole in the block can be welded and fixed. I need to find a piston and get that one cylinder resleeved. I need to find a carb set and reeds, and cylinder head. Thats all i know is missing but im sure there is more stuff missing

    I have always wanted a ski, I figured this is a good way to get started for cheap. I don't have alot of money to spend on this thing and I dont need to go ridiculously fast (YET) I just want to get back it back on the water.

    Any imput and advice is very much appreciated.

    Thanks, -Chad
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    Also a crank and cases.

    Cheap may have just gotten expensive.

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    Welcome to the forum!! I moved this the Yami old school section, you will find lot's of helpful guy's here.
    Looks like you got your work cut out for you. You will need cases and a crank keep an eye on the classifieds here member crashard comes up with lots of parts for these at reasonable prices.

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    Go to the how to section and download a manual for the ski, learn what year parts fit yours the 00 and up skis are different you are in the 97-99 range with this ski.

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    Oh, thanks for moving it, sorry about the misplacement.

    Hmmm, can not repair the crank?

    Its a bad idea to mix and match cases right?

    Yeah my tab might run get high on this. I drove 3 hours to get it, and then my water pump seized up on my truck, so I had to call my buddy, and he had to drive three hours to come get me, now im in it alot just for gas, ha ha ha. I just dont want to be in this thing more than a non-broke one would have cost me.

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    I dont think it will be a cheap fix is anything on these skis cheap just a crank will cost 700, take your time and do it right make sure you dont use oil injection if the line pops off you lose the motor again. good luck

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    Thanks for more adivce, I downloaded both manuals, that is pretty sweet!. Thanks agian

    I knew about yamaha and the oil injection. Im just going to assume that was the cause of all this. I will be mixing the oil in the gas for sure. You guys use avgas? I see this thing holds 13 gallons of fuel, I dont think I want to fill that with avgas.

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    Don't bother with AVgas. Unless the head has been modified to increase compression regular should be fine. If the head has been cut - premium. If you were running really high compression - than use 100% or a mix of race gas.

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    Just wondering, we used to run avgas in our motocycles. I enjoy that smell over regular gas.

    So any one got any ideas on the crank? Can it be repaired?

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    Crankworks repairs cranks

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