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Thread: Jerry pms full

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    Jerry pms full

    jerry my pump bearings must have got some water in them the bearing at the green nose cone looks great but the bearing on the other end is rusted and the grease is black and stinks do you sell a rebuild kit thanks BIGBUCK.

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    SOOOOORRRRRRRRYYYYYYY..................... BUT thats............ TOP SECRET............hahahahahahahaha..........wassup SUPA TRUCKER!!!!!!!!

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    Not much my tx sunk but seadoo is covering it and i was putting a prop in for a bud but i noticed his pump felt rough pressed out the bearings and grease at back by the snap ring stinks and the bearing is rusted

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    I dont like jumping into other threads but I need to grease my pump bearings as the grease is grey from water. Can you press out the bearings and them i was told they are sealed and cannot yet they sell the grease at the dealer. Bigbuck did you say you pulled the bearings out if so how did you do so i tried today with a press at our hobby shop with no luck.

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