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    97 GTX Weak Spark

    Okay, learned a bit from the shop manual but still no conclusive fix.....

    1. Stator resistances check out good on all 3 windings
    2. Trigger coil checks out good for resistance
    3. Coil checks good on primary and secondary side
    4. All grounds appear good
    5. Engine cranks excellent but has very weak spark
    6. Will not fire on ether, spark is too weak!

    The shop manual does not have a good chart for the MPEM resistances for the 787 engine. Anyone have any experience here?

    Thanks for the help.


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    don"t know if this will help? or if you have tried this?

    take the spark plug boots off of wires. cut the ends off. cut back insulation 1/4 to 3/8 inch and lay solid wire back along insulation and press back into the boot. then zip tie it good so it doesn't pull out.

    over time the wire corrodes and breaks down, resulting in weak to no
    spark at plug. give it a try?? hope it helps???

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