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    Cleaning the INSIDE of an external IC???

    I have the RIVA 3" Power Filter on my RXP, plumbed into a stock charger, and then into an external IC.

    While changing out the SC to an X-charger this weekend, and putting on the 4" intake to let that bad-boy breath, I found that my breather off the front of the motor had sent some vapor/blow by through the intake, through the SC and into the IC. The residue is a grey-ish oily film that is all inside the intake side of the I am assuming that this has blown through the IC and is most likely costing me some efficiency in breathing.

    Can anyone give ms some info on this - normal?? If not, whats the best way to clean the inside of the IC and get this residue out of there? Could this have caused any type of other damage on the throttle body, etc...other than the fact that it most likely lubricated everything and prevented corrosion.... (I'm a glass half full kind of guy....)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes it is normal to have the goop in the IC if you have the breather plumbed into the intake. Get a catch can or make one and you wont have that proplem. To clean inside of IC remove it from the ski. Get some engine degresser and spray it iside of the IC and let it flow through the middle of it. Let it sit for 20 mins or so then spray out w/ hose. Let dry and reinstall.

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    same mistake ....

    what kind of cleaner i should use ??

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