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    wow, found crack in the seat!?

    while i was working on the air mod I found the corner was cracked.
    This is a brand new seat, only been out on the water a few hours and never mishandled. I don`t know why I didn`t see this before. Sooo, I used a small sanding drum along the crack, then sort of welded/melted the plastic back together with the tip of a soldering iron, then spread plastic epoxy over it...
    maybe this will hold... But this sucks that this seat was soooo $$$ and the corners busted...crap...

    the crack starts at one of the staples, and there are other small cracks as well, hmmmmm
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    Andy maybe its time for you to start doing some Crunch's and maybe run around the block for a couple miles

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    Quote Originally Posted by xsockguyx View Post
    Andy maybe its time for you to start doing some Crunch's and maybe run around the block for a couple miles

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    you can take it into the dealer for a check up and then call them afterwards letting them know they broke your seat like someone I know. .... They will order up a new one and hagle your way to keep your old seat too.

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    My Son was cleaning my SUV1200 and had removed the seat and leaned it against my wifes Jeep. She jumps in the car backs over my seat, then she puts it in drive runs over it again, then gets out to see what it was she ran over Long story short, that was three years ago and you can't tell anything happened to it. Thats some resilient material they made that seat out of

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