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    Question GP 760 Starting Porblem

    I have a 97 GP760 that just died on the lake one day. It refused to start back up. It has good spark and a fully charged battery. It seems as if it is not flowing gas. When I spray starting fluid in the carbs it will fire up and run. The gas will then start flowing and the ski will start no problem until it sits over night then it won't start again without starting fluid. Anybody know what might cause this problem? I'm thinking fuel pump diaphragms.

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    Yamaha 760's seem to have this problem, the only solution I have heard for this is installing a primer kit.

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    I am having the same exact problem. One extra is that my compression is low, have you checked yours??
    I am gonna order a primer kit, as once it starts, it runs fine, until I shut if for five minutes or more, it loses prime. i wonder if compression affects the initial start-up prime?? Let me know what you have found. Thanks

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