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    How to check and inspect the......?

    Im completely new to the PWC world and im trying my best to make a wise buy. I need to find ways to learn how to check the impeller for damage along with the drive shaft. I also need to learn how to check the compression of the pistons. Im a jet mechanic and a car mechanic so i could probably figure it out, but can you give me some tips on how to do this? Im just trying to learn the ways on how to inspect a PWC when im out there shopping. Thanks again

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    What kind of PWC are you looking at?

    What is your purchase budget?
    How much riding do you expect to do?

    How often will you carry passengers? How many
    Maximum total weight of all passengers?

    2-stroke or four stroke engine?

    Do you expect to be doing most of yoru own maintenance and repairs?

    PWC changed with the arrival of four stroke engines after about 2003. Before then, all were powered by 2-stroke engines.

    All four stroke PWC engines are fuel injected, and some are also turbo-charged or super-charged.

    The 2-stroke engines are simpler mechanically, and cheaper to rebuild when they need it. Many of the older 2-stroke PWC models used carburetors, while some of the later models used fuel injection.

    Reliability varies by model and engine type.

    Click here for a Basic Introduction to the purchase of a Personal Watercraft
    It was written with 2-stroke PWC in mind, but some if it also allies to any PWC purchase.

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    I would say do your homework on the exact ski you are looking to buy and ride it before you buy it. Know what that ski should run and ride it and see if it is up to the task. There are so many different things to inspect that are ski specific you really need to know what you want as previously stated. There are tons of expert,s on every ski made, right here on this forum to help when you decide what you need in a ski. Good luck.

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