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    Do You HAVE to Use Hose Pincher to Flush ?

    I have a 2006 GTX Ltd and it has the flush connector under the seat.

    I usually use that since I have use a boat lift to lift the ski out of the water.

    I have been following the instructions for flushing using the connector but I have NOT been using the hose pincher when I flush.

    I see water coming out and I assume it was going all thge way thru the exhaust system to flush it, but I now notice they say to use the hose pincher when flushing the enegine.

    How does everyone else do it ? I thought enough water was still going thru the system to flush it and not going back out the wrong way.

    But now I question what I have been doing.


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    I'm assuming that since you have a 06 LTD that you have the quick connect flush on the inside of the hull on the top of the j-pipe? The only reason you would use the hose picher is to stop water from flowing back out the hose to the thru hull flush fitting. IMO i would say it's not needed but will send more pressure through the plumbing when piched off on the correct side of the quick flush fitting. Honestly i would say to go to home depot and get a quick connect from the garden area for a garden hose and use it on the back of the ski. Then you have the whole quick connect aspect without even bothering with the hose pincher. They make some nice $5 brass ones that i use and i leave the whole setup (make/female) on the thru hull flush fitting at all times. I've had one back out and fall off while riding before but that was once in 130 hours. $5 and life is so much easier. I leave the femal end snapped on in case i go to flush somewhere other than home so i have the hook ups right there. Give it a shot you won't be sorry!

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    Yep... it's the '06 LTD. In fact... you have done some work on it for me. I sucked up a rock the first time I used it and took down to your friends house and you swapped out the wear ring for me.

    I use those nice brass quick-connects at home and they are nice. I sorta thought it would be kinda hard to reach the rear fitting/intake at the back of the ski once I had it up on the lift. But I'll give it a try. Thanks.

    BTW... you are still doing work on the side from time to time ?

    Thanks, Tim

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