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    96 Sea-Doo Challenger (787) Electrical Issue

    Hey everyone,

    So my buddy bought a 96 Challenger (787 Engine) with known engine issues. The previous owner was told by a shop that the crank had seized so he was offloading it. We can see on the exposed part of the crank on the PTO side that there's a little surface rust, so it's possible that the whole thing is rusted, but at this point we can't tell.
    This was our troubleshooting idea:

    1. Get a battery and see if it does turn over
    2. If it does, pull the jugs and see if there is rust on the crank
    3. go from there

    We took off the heads, pistons look good. We hook up a battery and the bilge goes on for a few seconds then turns off. We tried to crank it and the crank made one full revolution but then we get one loud beep from the buzzer. I take off the DESS and try the whole process again, but get another loud beep. This is when it gets weird. I go to check the negative terminal to see if it was on tight (it was) but it was also burning hot - so much so that I burned my finger. The positive was hot too, but not as much. So I figure there's a bad connection somewhere, but I checked everything and there doesn't appear to be anything frayed or shorting.

    So here's my question: What could be causing the negative (and positive) wire to heat up so much? Anyone else encounter this problem?

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    PS the wires themselves seem to be free of corrosion I was thinking there might be a bad connection there, but it seems to be ruled out.

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