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    compression test results

    I got a 96 sltx with the front and back reading 120 and then the middle reading 90. I am trying to make my mind up how bad the middle is. What should I do next? I am going to drop it off next week to get the carbs rebuilt and am trying to see if I should fix the low compression problem in the middle or leave it be for I drop it off.

    Thank You

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    Hey now!!!!

    What I would do is... Use the info, help and advice you get from guys here. Thanks to them I will never let (pay) another mech. work on my Polaris.
    Pull your heads and check your center hole. If all looks good, check your center reed.
    I would buy the kits and rebuild them yourself. (carbs) You may just need to clean them good.
    Everything as far as manuals, specs, and my fav.. personal advice is here. And it'll save you 100's of $'s.

    Welcome to The Hulk.

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