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    Removing '04 RXP engine

    I have read through the "how to" removing an engine but had a few questions....

    1) as I've removed the head in the ski do I still need an engine hoist to remove the rest? (is it just easier or a really nice to have)

    2) I don't have the driveshaft removal tool, does the 30mm spanner idea work, anyone tried it? (or should I just buy the tool)


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    the head does not have to be removed. An engine hoist is smart as this will prevent a back injury.

    Can you remove the entire engine easily in an RXP.

    Drain the coolant
    Remove the pump
    Remove all exhaust, SC, air intake hoses
    disconnect the wiring harness
    Remove the fuel line at the fuel sending unit on top of the gas tank

    If the motor in an 04/05, becareful as the lifting lugs are aluminum and the front one can bend or break. the later models have stainless lifting lugs.
    Lifting Lug information

    what you see below is an engine with the complete wiring harness. I did this as I was building a conversion. You will not have to remove the entire harness. Just unplug the engine harness from the main harness.

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    Drive shaft can be a pita - the last one I did was corroded and very difficult to slide the collar back to remove the c clip - and then I had to use a plstic hammer to knock the collar off the shaft - buffed it all up and its as good and easy as new. You can lift the motor by hand - but get a friend - but it is easier and safer with a hoist or come-a-long from above.

    Good luck

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    I didn't have the luxury of an engine lift assembly or a covered garage area to remove my engine I had to remove mine outside in the miami sun and heat. I tracked down a 10' galvanized pipe, chained it to the engine lift mounts and hoised it out on mine and my friends shoulders. It cost me about 10 minutes a beer and lunch for my friend.

    Good luck.

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    If you have to go by hand,make a short sling,stand on ski,squat down,lift engine up,have wife place boards under engine on ski.lower engine on boards ,get off ski and then you are free to move it as you like,I pull 1200 yamahas,1100 kawasakis etc .with this method.My wife hated the big red hydraulic hulk sitting around that never gets used except when you need it.(which I do)I have found its easier pulling 3 to 4 engines a month by hand than winning argument with wife,hey its a good work out>Marvin but I'm working on it!!!They are a lot heavier than old 750 kawas or 701 yama and ps doesnt it really stink for the owners of said seadoos to spend 6 grand on an engine after only 3 or 4 seasons of use (40 to 80hrs) then bang goes the bomb.Dont get me wrong seadoos with there oil line failures (two strokes)and supercharger washers in 4tec, have been the life blood of my shops until 1200 and 800 yamahas came along!!!

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