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    Unhappy R12X making grinding noise

    I have a 05 Honda R12x with about 30 hours I bought last July as a left over. Changed the oil in August and rode it a few times before winterizing it with no problems. After unwinterizing it this year I started it up and it was making a metal to metal grinding noise. Since it is still under warranty, I took it to Sport Honda in Metuchen, NJ and was told that there was 4 quarts too much oil in it and the engine needs to be rebuilt. This is impossible because the waverunner only holds 5qts and there is no way we only pumped out 1 qt.

    I think there is gas in the oil.

    Anyone have a similar problem? I'd like to take it to somewhere else because I haven't heard anything good about this dealership. If you have any advice on what could be wrong or where to take it, I'd really appreciate it.


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    It's possible if you're not careful about the way you refill oil on these skis.
    They're dry sump, and if you let them sit, all of the oil moves down and to the rear of the motor - no oil will show on the front dipstick.

    The correct procedure is, when the ski is cold, to check the oil at the rear.

    If you've never added oil, you could be up against a dealer that either doesn't know how to check or doesn't know what he's looking for:
    Who serviced the ski last? Have you ever loaned it out? Has anyone added oil to the ski since the last time it was running well?

    I just got an 02 and getting the oil changed required a little reading. I was careful to measure the oil that I took out, make sure it was the right amount, and then measure putting it back in.. (4.2-4.5 qts).
    You need a sump tool and you need to get it positioned right in that front cover - if not, you won't be sucking oil out of the bottom.. It's easy to make a mistake.

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    If the ski is left not running for a period of time the turbo will freeze because there is no oil usually sitting in the bearing casing. Do you know that the noise is comming from the engine, turbo, or jet drive? Did the dealer say what might be the problem. You need to always make sure you charge the battery often and start the ski at least once a week to keep all components lubicated. Let us know.

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    Based on what? I've done a bunch of journal bearing turbos and leave the sitting up - no issues after several months. It's true that the oil drains, but there is no reason for the bearings to rust up or seize...

    You won't hear a metal to metal noise on the turbo unless it's turning... And then it'll be turbine on housing and only when the turbo is able to rotate.

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    The stock Honda turbo is a ball bearing style.


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    We are a new dealership for honda,s in NJ might be able to take a look at it for you . we are on the water so we can water test any problems .

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    To see if the turbo is screwed, simply reach in and spin the compressor.

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