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    Turbo guys I need help

    been having the issue with with the ski at WOT doing weird things like bucking and what not but the past 2 days i just pind the throttle down and that seems to have gone away now i have another problem. At 3/4 throttle i can bring the boost to 15ish as soon as i go WOT boost comes up to 20 and ski takes off and then boost starts coming down to around 5psi rpms follow what gives?

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    doest it make a sputtering sound when you loose the psi

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    I had the same issue with my rxp turbo setup, solved it using s magnum pump with a 13/21 max rpm 8300 +83mph

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    so what do you guys think is causing the boost loss? I would think if there is any kind of restriction in the pump area the engine would work harder and i would build more boost. Also took it back out today and now im not building any boost all pipes are good and tight the intake doesnt look out of the norm. my arms are up right now. I did notice a little oil in the intake side of the turbo but the exit side going to the I/C is clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miamirider View Post
    doest it make a sputtering sound when you loose the psi
    you could say it makes a sputtering sound to me it sounds like the sparks blowing out or somethings causing the motor to break up bringing the RPM's down.

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    its either the water jacket n your j pipe cracked and it letting water into the turbo. Or it can probly be that your intake manifold split at the seams. hope that helps you out.

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