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    Question RXT/RXP cover advice for the 32" bars

    Hi Guys,

    Considering the UMI steering system w/32" bars for 07 RXT/RXP however the extra three inches overall width concerns me about the factory covers. Is there anything made to address this issue already?

    Any feedback or suggestions much appreciated. As always you guys rock.


    RXT/RXP (too lazy to list)
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    Mine fits

    My cover still fits. The cover does not go all the way down on the bars but the cover goes all the way on. Some people cut the cover on the ends of the bars and get a pocket sewed on.

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    mine too

    My 06 RXT to 08 RXT-X pretty much same as scottyj. Fits, just not to good around the grips.

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    I cut my bars down enough for the cover to fit, tight like on the X boats

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    Thanks guys for the feedback. I'll give it a try and stretch those rascals on. Once I get the steering system done I'll try to figure our how to attach a picture. Any advise on how to post an attachment also greatly appreciated as well.

    Also just got on the Jet Trim seat covers and they look good.

    Thanks again as always. I'd be way behind the game without this site and you guys and Jerry.

    Take care,

    07 RXT/RXP

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