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    01 GTX Help needed

    Hi guys
    I was refered here from over at PWCToday and have a problem with my 2001 Seadoo GTX. I was trying to start it but the battery was dead, so I hooked the charger up to it and charged it for a few hours. When I went to start it I forgot to remove the battery cable. It tried to turn over but never fired up. I found out it was out of gas so I put gas in it and went to try to crank it and nothing happens now. I started tinkering around with it and noticed that the information center was on without haveing the lanyard cap on. I know it can come on for 30 seconds by pushing the S/S button but it will stay on for 30+mins. I'm pretty sure the MPEM is toast but just wanted to find out if there is a way to check it or not. Also if you have or know someone that has a MPEM 278001525 for sale please pm me. I need to get this thing fixed asap. Also if you know of another MPEM part number that would work please pass the info along. BTW, I cannot get it to go into the advance diagnostics mode either. thanks!

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    I assume the cables were still connected while charging.

    What amp rate were you charging it at?

    Have you checked your fuses?

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    Yeah they were still connected. I did have the 5 amp fuse blown but replaced it with the spare and it hasn't blown since, but I think the damage was done. I had the battery charger on 35 amps

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    Ah crap man. 35amps for a few hours.

    Well, the MPEM and maybe even the stator are likely toast.

    I have a bit of experience with auto electrics and I would not charge a car battery that hard. That is for jumping one off and you should NEVER jump a Sea Doo. Sure, folks do it all the time but it only takes one time to ruin some pretty expensive stuff.

    FYI, if in the boat and connected to both cables (you can pull the neg and the boat is off-line) never charge it at more than 2amps. You can also pull the plug out of the front engine cover but still only charge at 2amps. Some may say more and they may be correct but I KNOW that you are safe at 2amps. You really need an automatic charger too, but, still keep an eye on it.

    Now as for the battery, a wet cell 16clb can not hardly stand more than a 6amp charge. Seriously, 10amps is pushing it. An AGM batt can handle more.

    I think you can use any +'99 947 carbed MPEM. Probably need a new battery too.

    Sorry to bear bad news man. I learned this info the hard way once upon a time.

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    35 amps, nice....

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    Yeah unfortunately I didn't see the warning sticker until after the fact. Regardless I got to fix it, but I'll chaulk it up as an expensive lesson learned.

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    So what is max charging amps on a watercraft battery for future reference?

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    PM sent.

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