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    Polaris SLT 780 not getting to full rpms


    Just bought a 96 Polaris SLT 780. Only had 40 orginla hours, motor very tight.
    I can only get about 6400 rpms out of it about 49 mph

    I was hoping for around 6700 rpms, like the book said and maybe 52-54 ,mph

    It sat for 2 years without being used, was winterized, stored indoors.

    I cleaned the carbs, they were not really dirty.

    I did not drain the gas, but there wasnt too much in there, so I just put a bottle of stabil in it.

    It has a bog from idle, where it surges for a couple seconds then takes off like crazy... This imporves after it warms up, or if I dont let down to a full idle.

    Could you give me some things to check...... i would like to get the RPMS back up

    Could it be a simple low-high speed adjustment screw needing adjustment?

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    Stabil doesn't fix gas it preserves it. two year old gas is prolly down to about 50 or 60 octane by now. Spring for new gas and see from there. hope this helps Mike

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    I have painted with 2 year old gas and I think they they called it varnish. You need to get some fresh fuel in there before you smoke that engine. I think you are very lucky to be turning 6400 RPM running 2 year old gas. Any ski that has sat for a few years needs to have a good inspection/cleaning of the fuel system to insure it's in running order.

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    I think 6400-6500 RPM is all you're going to get from a stock engine. The rev limiter is set at 6700, that's not it's operating RPM.

    You'll gain maybe 2-3 MPH, but a stock SLT 780 won't get 54 MPH. 52 MPH is more than likely the top speed you'll get without mods.

    If you cleaned the carbs, make sure the adj. screws are set to factory specs and the throttle plates are all opening exactly the same. (carbs synced) . Especially the low speed screw. That's most likely your hesistation down low.

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    As mentioned above, I would replace the fuel, check or replace the plugs as they are a couple or more years old. Then check your manual for the idle screw adjustment settings to make sure they are correct.

    Let us know what you come up with and enjoy your ski

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