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    Little hard to start

    When I'm out on the lake with my 2002 GTi I find it a little hard to start after killing the engine (for any reason). I have found that if I hold the throttle all the way down it starts up every time after cranking for about 6 seconds. If I don't hold the gas wide open then it doesn't start at all.
    What can I do to fix this and make it start a little easier?

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    I had a ski like this as well in the past. I believe the carbs are leaking a little, and its flooding the cylinders/motor. try turning the fuel valve to OFF before you turn the ski off. then start ski and turn fuel back on.

    once the carbs flood... you have to hold open the throttle to prevent additional fuel from being pulled from carbs while cranking motor over.

    let me know if this helps? otherwise... U may need a carb rebuild. unless someone else has any advice?

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    Your probably right on the carbs leaking part. This ski sat for almost two years without running.
    Is there a way to find out how bad the carbs are leaking and how big of a problem is it if they are only leaking a little bit?

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    if the ski is running well, then I would not worry about it. if turning off the gas before u shut the motor down works, then go with it. otherwise. you can get get a rebuilt kit and rebuild the carbs. I woudl GUESS you have a needle valve that is dirty or stuck a bit causing the gas to slowly bleed out. I had a 97 XP that would always flood if you left the gas on. but it ran perfect on the water. and if i forgot to kill the gas, it would always re-start with throttle wide open. no biggy

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