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    waveblaster hook ups

    i just picked up a yamaha waveblaster...its a good time...but i wanna get this thing jumpin outta the water like a beast!...any tips?

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    a few blaster riders here....
    mpeavler and njjer (njjer is also a n'jersy boy) will steer you on the right heading..

    you might want to list here what it has of any performance goodies and year of your ski..

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    thanx...i havent had a chance to really look thru it...but at the least i know....its got a riva head...701, its a single carb,....and was told that its got round 175 comp..more to come

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    no sh-t!!! good for you man, you found what you were looking for! awesome!

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    The blaster he speaks of has... No one knows whats in the motor...

    Factory B pipe
    175psi Riva Racing heads
    MSD ignition enhancer
    unknown aftermarket water box
    Jet dynamics super jet aluminum pump shoe
    Jet Dynamics intake grate
    sealed grate and pump
    Ocean pro ride plate
    solas prop (not sure of pitch)

    The ski has a little pep to it but feels like it should have more bottom end. This ski is being built to be able to back flip... It needs to have arm wrenching holeshot. Im not familiar with the old school yamaha's since Ive never owned one. Any help would be great. Thanx guys.


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    By that list it looks to be off to a good start.

    I would up the compression to 185. You could go 190-195 if you really know how to tune it on pump gas. Warning thought, not knowing exactly what you are doing and Pop Goes the Weasel.

    Here is what one of my Blasters had and would jump out of the water from a dead stop like a rocket being launched. Mind you, it is even meaner now, but this is after many $1,000's of dollars on top of the first build.

    My first basic build:
    195psi Westcoast/Yamaha head (removable domes)
    FP Mod Pipe
    FP Waterbox
    Dual cooling
    Boyesen CF reeds
    Jetted SBN44
    Stock intake cleaned up and matched to the carb throat
    Velocity Stack also matched to carb throat
    Primer kit
    K&N F/A
    NGK Palladium Plugs
    32:1 Pre-mix - 94 Octane Sunoco Ultra
    JD Intake Grate
    JD Rideplate
    Stock Imp.

    I think that was all of it. No porting at that time.

    This thing would rip your arms out if you did not know it was coming. It was no speed demon, but it got there like now.

    Current build in my avatar. Need to update it with a recent pic.
    Now, I need to kill some bottom end as I have too much to use. I need it in the water, not out of it. I hear I need more prop, just not sure how much.

    Another Blaster of mine is more basic.

    FP Limited Pipe
    FP Waterbox
    Dual cooling
    Velocity Stack
    Boyesen CF Reeds
    Solas I Imp.
    JD Intake and Plate
    Most else is stock.

    This one goes nice on the bottom, but I doubt will ever be able to do any flips.

    * Stunts are not my thing, so I can only tell you what I have for my riding style. I do cones and just f' around. I ride mostly like a street bike, dragging a knee. I do ride like a MX when there are some wakes, which is not to often where I ride.

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    with out being a blaster owner myself ..(though have twin engineed skis)
    I would think that the jet dynamis grate is prob not the best choice for stunts along with the plate.. o/e might be best for stunting as you arnt draging that scoop thru the water and then too, your not needing the loading this grate facilitates in chop at speed .....the j/d plate being longer than stock and channeled may also hinder any back flipping and stunting with its length and 2 cents..

    not knowing if it has or not, i would think that a lightened flywheel may help this to spin up quicker..thou i'd guess it may even have one with all the goodies it has already

    going to a non charging system may also lend you some more instantainious hp/rpm advantage..

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