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    95 Seadoo gaskets?

    I have a 1995 Seadoo GTX with a 657x. I lost compression in the front cylinder and removed the head and found that I need new piston rings. I can't for the life of me figure out which gaskets or set I need to asemble this back together. What I *think* I need is 1 head cover sealing ring, a heat sensor O ring(?), 2 spark plug O rings, the 4 sealing rings for the cylinder bore and water jacket, and maybe the base gasket (?). Is this right? In one shop manual it shows an "engine" gasket set (290-886-315) and a "cylinder" gasket set (290-886-316). Is this what I need, or do I need to order them seperate? And I'm not finding these numbers on the net, I'm sure they've changed, any idea what they are now?
    Can anyone let me know a good place to order these? I've never had to order parts before.
    Thanks, any and all help, or answers will be very much appreciated.

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    if you're looking at OEM parts, what you need is item #24, Cylinder Gasket Kit for $45. The engine gasket set has seals and stuff that you only need if you are splitting the crankcase and replacing the crankshaft. PM novaprop67, he's the parts man that would be shipping the parts and will be glad to help you figure out everything that you need.

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    Thank you Thank you! I've been searching and researching all day. I'm new and not sure how to pm, but it can't be that hard. Thanks again.

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